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"I look forward to opening my email on Thursday to see what great short devo Mrs. Brittany has waiting there for me."


"Truly blessed by Thursday Thought because often it is dealing with some of my own issues."


"Great pick-me-up to help finish out the week."


"It helps me focus on spiritual things and keep my priorities in check. It is very uplifting."


"I must confess that I do read the magazine regularly but l do read the Thursday's Thought weekly and over and over throughout the week. They are very thought-provoking and I appreciate your insight."


"I really enjoy this magazine. I am always telling others about it. I look for to Thursday's thought. Very inspirational."


"I think they are encouraging and applicable to women of any age."


"I look forward to your emails and Facebook posts! They are uplifting and so insightful. It encourages me to know that a sister in Christ is faithful and speaks the truth in love."


"I feel that I can do what God wants of me. Very uplifting."


"It makes me feel closer to my faith, which I am grateful for."


"It makes me want to be a better Christian woman."


"I really enjoy the different insights I get. Also, I need that little "umph" to get me through the rest of the week!"

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