Am I Brave Enough: The Courage To Be A Christian In A World Of Cowards


Brave!  That word describes my sister Debbie Kea!  A faithful companion to her husband as they have labored in the Lord’s Kingdom for over 40 years, Debbie and Randy reared two faithful children who are now serving the Lord and their families.  The Debbie I know and love speaks God’s Word soundly and clearly to all who will listen and is not afraid to challenge the young and old alike to do better—to be Brave!

This book is desperately needed in our world.  Our society is too timid and hesitant to stand up for what is right and good.  In Brave!, Debbie offers very practical advice from God’s Word on how to be brave in a cowardly society.

My friend Debbie does not simply give her opinions on these matters; rather she provides scripture references throughout the book, giving God’s answers for how to be brave in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.  Every chapter is full of practical advice from God’s word, all masterfully written in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand style.

Every page, every chapter is filled with the Word of God.  There are helpful questions, suggestions, and verses to memorize at the end of each chapter, making this a valuable and practical book!  Each chapter asks the question, “Am I Brave Enough to…?”

This book will not disappoint you!  It challenges the reader to get out of her comfort zone and be brave in all that God has for her to do.

Are you brave enough to read this good book?  Take the challenge!  Dive in and bask in the Heavenly truths Debbie shares!  I Dare You!

–LuAnn Rogers




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