Lane Bryant And Why Size Doesn’t Matter

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  Fashion company Lane Bryant recently launched a campaign for their intimates line with the hashtag #I’mNoAngel. It is clearly a dig at Victoria’s Secret, who calls their models angels. Lane Bryant wants to expand the image of sexy to a broader range of women than what is normally portrayed in the media. But we […]

Are You Dreaming Another’s Dreams?

Portrait Of Loving African American Couple In Countryside

  Do you have dreams and wishes? I believe I’ve told you before that my dream is to one day go to Paris, but have you ever considered where you’re dreams originated? I read an article this week and the person being interviewed said they dream their own dreams and it made me wonder if […]

Step Up Into Spring Fashion

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Spring is officially here and with it comes fresh inspiration for your closet. This season was all about looking back. Nostalgia was on everyone’s catwalk with the seventies playing a major part of the looks. One word continually came to mind after each show, effortless. Easy pieces that work together to pull you together was […]

My son burned his hand but…


  My son burned his hand last Sunday but what he did the next day shocked me. Let me explain. I had a horrible tooth ache on Sunday and I needed to eat something to take some medicine so I made a bowl of instant oatmeal. And as I was stirring it my darling son, […]

How To Be Faith Full


  Have you ever considered the final step in the plan of salvation, be faithful until death? It seems like a reasonable and simple enough task, right? But for many it brings fear of being perfect, never messing up and looking out for God to get you. But it’s not a message of anxiety or […]