How To Be Confident


Do you struggle with self confidence? Do you sometimes feel like people are judging you without really getting to know you or do you feel you’re never as pretty or smart as someone else? If so, you’re not alone in these thoughts and below I’ll share three step to shift your perspective and boost your […]

All Wrapped Up


  I adore this faux wrap blouse with the artsy print and black details around the sleeves and hemline. But these Capote trousers I LOVE and they can’t be beat for comfort and style. I know I’m going to be wearing these a ton plus look how big my little man is now! He just turned one…time […]

How I Fell Into A Kitchen Renovation


Here at maison Davis we’ve been slowly updating our home over the last two years. We bought an older home and knew it would need some improvements but for the last two weeks we’ve been in the throes of a full blown kitchen renovation! When we first looked at the kitchen I said we should […]

You Get To Choose


    Planes make me nervous, rather flying in them makes me nervous. Yet I’m flying out today to Orlando for Cabi’s fall fashion show and conference. And each time I board I wonder if I will make it back home, a little morbid for so early in the morning, but those are my thoughts nonetheless. I […]