How To Get Anything!

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Have you ever seen a woman lacking in grace or graciousness? She’s usually demanding and argumentative; have you ever been that woman? I’m sure there were times when we all could have exercised more grace. And it’s the character trait of grace unfortunately that many of our young ladies are missing today. I know of […]

How To Do More With Less

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  For many a new year brings a renewed focus on healthy living and I am no exception. I recently started Focus T25 to get back in shape and get some muscles to carry around a growing baby! And I’m shocked at just how much my body can hurt and be pushed to the limit […]

Why there are many women, but few ladies?

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  I read an article this week about the fact that there are many women but few ladies. I thought the sentiment profound as we can easily see the image the world sends out about the modern woman. According to the world today’s woman can and should do anything a man can. They should not use discretion or humility […]

The ONE Scripture That Defines Virtue

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  Do you like cooking shows? I especially like the competitions like ‘Chopped.’ It shows a master at work, thinking on their feet and creating delicious works of art. From sports to fashion to scripture it’s easy to be enthralled by someone who knows what they’re doing; it’s why we love the idea of being […]

What I Know For Sure

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  There is a popular media personality that always ends her talks with what she knows for sure. And I used to wonder about that saying, I mean how can you really know anything for sure? But then I thought about what I might know for sure and the Lord and His word immediately came […]