You Get To Choose


    Planes make me nervous, rather flying in them makes me nervous. Yet I’m flying out today to Orlando for Cabi’s fall fashion show and conference. And each time I board I wonder if I will make it back home, a little morbid for so early in the morning, but those are my thoughts nonetheless. I […]

Just Stop Trying…


Have you ever used the word “trying?” I have and it seems I am always using it as a qualifier or as a way to explain or justify my actions. I was rocking Landon to sleep today and “trying” to lock away that moment. I wanted to remember his weight on my chest, his warmth and […]

Red, White & Blue Skies


        Tomorrow is Independence Day for us in these United States! So here is a little red and white outfit; I’ll have to rely on the blue skies for my blue! I hope you have an awesome holiday with family and friends and I will be sure to do the same! Pants […]

You Need Help (And So Do I)


How many times have you heard that the Virtuous woman had maidservants or no one is superwoman? Now how many times have you taken those thoughts to heart? Many times we want to be like the Virtuous woman and excel in all things but trying to do it alone we only end up doing a […]