How To Be Faith Full


  Have you ever considered the final step in the plan of salvation, be faithful until death? It seems like a reasonable and simple enough task, right? But for many it brings fear of being perfect, never messing up and looking out for God to get you. But it’s not a message of anxiety or […]

Fearless Faith

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  Have you ever been afraid? Have you ever let that fear paralyze you into inaction? In Bible Book Club we’re studying Nehemiah and in chapter five those who are against the Jews rebuilding begin to see that with Nehemiah at the helm they will be successful in rebuilding the wall. So like all of […]

Feminism vs Femininity

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Are you as tired as I am of the war against a woman’s role? The world would have you believe that there is no way a woman can be happy living within her God given role,¬†but since God created that very role we know that living within it is the only way a woman can […]

Because I’m A Lady…

woman in hat

  Have you noticed the trend towards gender neutrality?¬†Women no longer want to just be equal on the job and in the home, they want to be equal in all things. A celebrity recently named her daughter James and the media was lauding their gender neutral name selection; frankly I just had to laugh because […]

What Lies Do You Believe?


  Have you ever felt like it was easier to believe a lie than face the truth? I was recently watching a food documentary entitled, “Hungry For Change” and in it they describe very vividly how sugar is quite literally killing people. But everywhere you turn you are encouraged to exercise more and eat less. […]